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A Light Comes To New England

The Esnoga has been supporting the spiritual needs of those searching for G-d and community since its founding in 1991.

Conceived upon the idealism of the statement from the Book of the Prophet Isaiah, where G-d calls out to his people, "You have been called to righteousness: a sign of the covenant between me and you; and you shall be a light unto the world, " we continue to be a socially-concerned, activist community.

Membership In Our Congregation

Although we invite all Jews to worship with us and allow their involvement in our functions and initiatives, membership in The Esnoga itself is limited to Sephardic Jews and those related to a Sephardic Jew within two degrees.

Preference is given to those Sephardim whose families are descended from the Sephardic communities of Holland, Benelux, Scandanavia, Poland and England, and whose connection to the community is lineal. Those whose relationship is collateral will be considered on a case-by-case basis.**

Because members are required to actively participate in the life of the community, they generally must live in Connecticut. In addition, all males must be brit milah.

Candidate members must also have the support of two members, who will vouch for the piety and moral character of the member candidate.

Yearly Obligations

In contrast to most Ashkenazi synagogues, there are no fees or dues for membership. Rather, Sephardic tradition holds that our operations be entirely conducted on a volunteer basis, from the level of a basic member through the level of clergy. As a condition of membership, each member family must provide volunteer service in support of the congregation, either in its operations, its events or initiatives.

**Lineal consanguinity is the relation in a direct line, such as between parent, child, and grandparent. It may be determined either upward, as in the case of son, father, grandfather, or downward, as in son, grandson, great-grandson. Collateral consanguinity is a remote relationship describing people who are related by a common ancestor but do not descend from each other, such as ousins who have the same grandparents.