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what we believe

"I have placed before you a choice, between life or death, between doing good or evil, between a blessing or a curse. Therefore, choose life, in order that you may live!" -- (Devarim 30:19)

We believe that:

  1. G-d the Creator is active in our world today.
  2. As G-d is active, so is our Faith. For Faith without action is a false security.
  3. Our Faith is not tied up in trappings, buildings or monetary fortunes.
  4. Our Faith is a living force which we show through our actions by helping others on their journey towards G-d.
  5. It is our obligation to roll up our sleeves, to make good things happen for our fellow beings.
  6. We are our brothers' keeper and they are ours.
  7. And we take that action without regard or expectation from G-d.
  8. As we open ourselves to G-d, so He opens the world to us.
  9. In that world we can feel the fellowship, compassion and joy in which we can participate to the Glory of G-d.
  10. For we are the Mirror of G-d.
  11. And yet, darkness threatens us and is our enemy. It seeks to isolate us from G-d, others and even ourselves. It offers us immediate gratification both monetarily and physically without regard to the future. But there is a price which can lock us into a downward spiral of isolation and pain.
  12. However, as G-d's mirror, we can shine His Light upon the darkness dispelling the misery and pain with compassion and joy.
  13. Our task on this earth is never-ending so we must remain vigilant against our weaknesses.
  14. We ask for G-d's help. To give us the courage, strength and wisdom to fulfill His Will as we stand against the darkness. Until that day He calls us Home.

-- written for the Esnoga by Timothy Crawford