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Flexible, Relevant, Informed

As a post-denominational community, we believe that one's efforts at maintaining a living, continuous connection with the transcendant G-d is largely dependent, not only on one's individual efforts, but also upon the tandem efforts of the faith community around us.

Rather than using the traditional Jewish liturgical framework, which focuses upon following traditional rubrics demanding endless, rote recitation of Hebrew prayers, our liturgies stress the connected-ness of our membership: their lives and living intertwined with each other in a supportive, nurturative fashion.

Our liturgies are flexible, relevant and informed; celebrated largely in English, with a clear understanding of the needs of the American cultural context. They are meant to provide personal insight and imbue one's daily life with meaning.

Our members report feeling energized and refreshed after services. They leave excited, feeling fulfiled, and look forward to additional opportunities to commune with G-d and community.

Birchat HaShachar

Held everyday at 0900, members meet for an online conference for 30 minutes to share and support one another in their spiritual journeys.


Held everyday after Birchat HaShachar, our 30-minute study session will dovetail with the themes introduced in the daily Chok portion. Study is an integral part of our lifestyle and required for a full appreciation of the principals of our faith and their application in daily life.


Our rabbis meet individually with members who desire a deeper understanding of our faith's spiritual context and the means of obtaining a closer connexion with G-d through personal prayer and contemplation.

Erev Shabbat

Erev Shabbat is viewed as a restful, contemplative way to unwind at the end a busy, harried week. We believe that Erev Shabbat should be celebrated in the home, among friends and family.


The Festa is a relaxing, meaningful celebration of life and living at the end of a busy week. Each Festa is held at a different member's home (or another place of their choosing) each week and is followed by a relaxed, contemplative Walk around the local neighborhood. The Walk caps off each week with a mix of silence, prayer and individual contemplation, and can last an hour or more depending on one's individual spiritual needs.


During the week, our rabbis visit members of the Esnoga at their homes and workplaces to catch up with what is happening with them and in their lives. These visits are a casual, ad hoc way to meet with our rabbis and find out about Esnoga and community issues and happenings.

Notice: Smoking Restrictions

The management for each of the facilities at which we have our functions have requested that if you have to smoke, you do it off the facility grounds on the sidewalks and that afterwards you toss the (extinguished) cigarette butts in the cans provided for this purpose nearby. As always, NO SMOKING or VAPING is allowed inside any building.

Notice: Observe Parking Rules

Please don't park in the driveways or double park, blocking people in. People have been parking in the driveways and blocking people in. This is very dangerous especially with all the snow we've been having: People can't get in or out. If you can't find a space in the lot, park on the street.

Inclement Weather Notices

We will post weather notices on this website on the News page, as well as on the following TV channels. Call the Esnoga office at (860) 306-0038 if you aren't sure or have questions:

WFSB (Channel 3)